Risto AW 2014-2015

ristocovRisto Bibiloski collaborated with high fashion brands such as Louis Viuttion, Thierry Mugler, Façionnable and currently he is the head knikter designer of Kenzo. Inspired by the traditional artisan techniques common to the knowledge of women in Ohrid, his birth town in Macedonia ( he esemploys 100 Macedonian women of all ages and backgrounds to work on his collections), samples are created at Risto’s factory and once are perfected, the knitters are taught the specifications for each garment, which are then produced by hand in their homes. This AW 2014-2015 ppredominantly inspired by the bark from trees, Bimbiloski reimagined soft duchess satin as cortex, errant wool and threads as the droopy languor of willow, and cutwork in black, set over lame and jacquard, was redolent of oaky obscure silhouettes. Knitwork, which is otherwise heavy, is given a light soft touch.  Lurex jacquard and sateen, add both a cosy and luxurious component to the whole collection, rendering it special, enviable but not overly precious.






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